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Boston playing to many games


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Hi community

I have unresonably high amout of played games for boston chk attached files. In standings it shows 135 games and in team its 240.

This is a game from original CD with original db. Never hapend back in the days. I have been using wnhlinfo but not on these leauges. This hapends every time. Have tried 5 leauges now.

Anyone have any idees??





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Hi, we were wondering about Boston games here: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/3019-nhl-95-pc-a-hackers-dream-anyone-play-it/?p=141506

but was situation before even starting of season and it was showing those games in wnhlinfo.

This is happening to you when you are simulating games? Does it happen if you play only one game or on certain point of season?

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If it's NHLinfo what makes this, try following: Edit just one name/letter anywhere in the game with NHLinfo and save this slightly modified game. Now compare all the original files (unedited with NHLino) with the originial files. When you spot the difference, it might be the change that causes this issue. Change it to the original value and it should work fine again.

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