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GENS Stops working / Weird Sounds


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I use "gens-netplaysave.exe" even when I play the CPU.

2x now, during play alone, in the middle of a game it goes black and starts making random computer "noise", like an infinite stream of random beeps. So I close down and restart the emulator, which appears to start as normal.

But, from now on, any ROM I load -- even different ones than the one used when the problem began -- will result in the same stream of noise and a blank screen.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: I think I fixed it, but will leave this thread as is in case someone else has the issue. I deleted the .cfg file and things seem back to normal. (Though I have to re-configure my gamepad.)

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yes, i have experienced this. Two things will fix it without deleting the config file. one is the frame skip needs to be set back to auto. Second go under graphics --> Color Adjust and click default, then apply, then close. hope that helps you.

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Delete config tends to fix SO many issue that a lot of guys rather than re-config their joystick, save the config file that is not corrupted by a different name as a "backup".

Then, they copy it over whenever gens starts to act up again, and its the same as deleting it and then re-configuring from scratch.

But, Wally's expertise on which settings to switch to is probably the more accurate way of "fixing" your problem(s).

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