Aim sucks balls

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I offered up a chatroom as an answer to the absurd usage of America Online. it could be right on the homepage, even, without the issues the built-in chatbox had, awesome as that action was a few years ago. maybe Prodigy and CompuServe would be better alternatives for this crowd.

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Does AIM Messenger say:

Shoot, something appears to be wrong on our end. Please give us a few minutes and try again.

for everyone, or is it just me?

LITERALLY it says this 75% of the time. Is this an Anti-Canada thing, or is it just he biggest POS the world has ever seen?

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Not disputing DISCORD is better, but I do note that even in the TECMO site, they have the same issues with getting exi's & guys to play as interest wanes off.

I think end of year for GDL, we will have to discuss if we should switch to DISCORD or stay w/ AIM as the league chat forum.

I'd note that, as mentioned in TECMO, the text message is the best form. I know that's how I ran the draft so smooth.

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Exis are something done on the side. The point of moving to Discord is that it is better than AIM.

One thing is that has used "AIM Screenname" instead of "AIM Login" for years. We've probably tricked about 20% of new users into never playing online because they never registered correctly. Not only that, but if someone does register correctly, they still have no idea what to do (who to add, how to find games, etc.) On Discord, one doesn't even need to register and one does not have to be invited to join a chat. Ideally we would redirect newcomers who are potentially interested in joining the community to our chat. This means that the new guys would come into our chat looking to get started. That's how it's done now. Most online game communities have already converted to Discord.

The interface of Discord is brilliant as well. It's modern and not old-fashioned like AIM!!! Makes it very easy to create new chat channels and it's easy to mute them. Discord also has voice chat and it has a mobile app. So anyone with a microphone (could even be on their earphones) could use voice chat. You could even set it to show that you are playing GENS/ZSNES or whatever.

Discord would also benefit leagues. The basic setup would be:

  • A general channel, for random everyday discussions
  • A draft channel, for during the draft
  • A trade channel, for trade talk
  • A scheduling channel, to look for/schedule games and to post availability

Seriously, check it out. It has a ton of features :)

EDIT: I forgot, you can also incorporate it with nhl94online!! We would be able to see who is online and available for games right from

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Agreed it's time to change to a more modern chat platform. Aim has been outdated since forever, we only used it because it was deemed to be the NHL94 spot to schedule games.

Don't know much about discord but probably the most important thing to have is;

Group chats AND

Offline messaging !

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Took the liberty of starting a Discord chat/server.

Here is the link to join:

I do not claim to know much about Discord, but am setting this up in the hopes that we can decide whether this program fits our needs more than AIM or not.

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