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i got an idea...


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From how I view this, for all Genesis and Megadrive versions, that would require NOSE to have an update to its Statistic Editor, the issue with this being the fact that the stat for Fighting is linked to the player's Stick Hand.

What would have to be done is that the Stick Hand would have to become standalone for doing stat editing with '92 to '94 and '96 to '98, and then Fighting would probably be able to be properly modified to have a standalone editor; what I do not know of, however, is if we would ever get that at this current time, especially since I don't know if NOSE is getting any major updates in the near future (such as proper Arena Editing for '93's Thirty Team ROM, we still have to do that by hand at this time), but hey, something might come around to help us with this at a certain point in time, I won't count out any possibility if somebody is actually planning something to help out with editing the stats more than we already are able to.

As we see it right now though, chances are that we might not get more liberated Fighting Level editing for a while, we will have to see what comes in the next matter of years.

Who knows, it could come to us when we least expect it, but I will be patient until that probable moment comes, I don't expect this to be soon but as I said, anything could happen that might allow this to come to us earlier than anticipated, if it is easy to do, at least.

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i see, you only have 0 - F to work with...

57 and lower dont fight?!

i dont think ive ever noticed...

make a team of all 57 42 28 14 and see what happens =)

all i ever REALLY wanted was, fighting after the whistle like in 92...

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Since no one in 93 is rated 57.

It is really 71 and lower don't fight.

To have a fight in 93 at least one of the players has to be rated 71.

That is a bummer.

Slapshot: Have you tested that a player rated 57 will fight another player rated 57, 42, 28, 14?

I know 71 will but have never tested 57 since they don't exist in Original rom.

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ive had mismatches... a 100 vs a 28 ect...


one person has to be 71 or higher... interesting!

did i mention taking fighting after the whistle from 92 and adding it to 93?

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