King of '94 West game day thread

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Forum guys playing in the tourney


Darrell S = haifax

Cory H. = the90jacket

Tyler H =tylerdeanhill

Greg C = angryjay

Brian G = stheds2000

Adam G. = bobkudelski

DErrick S = Schwabe

Brad M = sweatcalfe


Greg C = angryjay

Ryan W. = rynweinmeyer

Danny F = Fiddz

Mikey M = Mcmikey

Logan T. = Logan

Sadly Schwartz can't make it now

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Danny/Fiddz eliminated in 3 straight :(

AJ going strong, 4-0 so far

Newcomer "Sean Y." looking like a strong challenger, 3-1 so far including a close 2-1 loss to Logan

Mikey hanging on, 3-2 (a couple no-shows though)

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AJ gives Logan his first loss (9-2 LA-CGY), Logan will have to defeat the best B side player to play AJ again. It'll be "Ross S.", "Ryan W." (rynweinmeyer from the forums!) or "Sean Y."

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New spreadsheet I came up with with games scheduled at particular times and stations is holding up pretty well, although the elimination bracket is a bit behind.

Some games being played out of order, though, which will hurt the schedule. Only 30 minutes behind at this point, though (9th round of games on 4 machines)

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Sean Y beats Logan, big upset there

Sean Y to face AJ to see who goes to the finals (AJ needs 1 win, Sean Y needs 2)

Logan to face rynw, loser is 4th, winner faces lower of AJ-vs-SeanY

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Logan survives elimination and Ryan W finishes 4th.

Logan vs Sean Y coming up for who plays AJ in the final.

They played earlier. Score was 2-1 (QUE-WPG) for Logan, Sean picked the teams.

SNES now rolling, though it looks like someone is late

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