SNES Dynasty Season3-95 *TEST* ROM

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Here is the "TEST" ROM for Season3-1995. Please test it for any mistakes that I may have made.
Here are a few things to check:

  • Correct players on your team. Also, the names are spelled like they are in real life
  • Correct jersey numbers.
  • Correct shooting hand.
  • Correct attributes. Sometimes my eyes bug out when editting so there may be mistakes.
  • Correct lines. You may edit the lines before the final version is released.
  • Anything else that catches your attention.

I went through and tried to check all players, jersey #'s, shooting hands AND attributes. Some attributes were corrected. They all should be correct but check anyway. Jersey numbers that were corrected last year were kept the same. If you need to change it then let me know.,

Once all corrections for 13 teams are confirmed, then I will release the final version.
Coaches that need final approval:

  • Fank
  • Pondhcky----Still need a Forward to replace Ruzicka
  • c4outlaws
  • jackandjose
  • BlackDevil
  • Xcing
  • annatar
  • kingof94
  • TylerDeanHill
  • Chaos
  • BobKudelski
  • BoKnows
  • Jonee

Please post corrections or approvals in this thread. Thanks!

SNES Dynasty S3-95 *TEST* ROM---->SNES-Dynasty-S3-95-TESTONLY.smc

Edited by c4outlaws

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seems decent from what ive looked at... will have another look tomorrow

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Looks great to me. If possible I'd like to change my lineup to this:

G - Martin Brodeur

LD - Dave Manson
RD - Vladimir Malakhov

LW - Luc Robitaille
C - Mike Modano
RW - Mark Recchi

X - Gary Roberts (extra attacker when goalie pulled)

Second Line

G - Damian Rhodes

LD - Fredrik Olausson
RD - Sergei Zubov

LW - Gary Roberts
C - Alexei Yashin
RW - Keith Tkachuk

X - Mike Modano (extra attacker when goalie pulled)

Edited by Bob Kudelski

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Who are we waiting for? We need to move this along, come on boys.

Edited by annatar

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I may have been too late submitting my line-up in the other thread...Please modify my line-up to the following:

Team: Ottawa Nationals
First Line
G - Curtis Joseph
LD - Teppo Numminen
RD - Eric Desjardins
LW - Ron Francis
C - Joe Nieuwendyk
RW - Theoren Fleury
X - Vincent Damphousse
Second Line
G - Mike Vernon
LD - Jyrki Lumme
RD - Doug Lidster
LW - Steve Larmer
C - Rod Brind'Amour
RW - Vincent Damphousse
X - Joe Nieuwendyk

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Just give pond the best forward available and remove ruzicka.

anyone else who hasn't responded will accept what is there.

I've emailed chaos to get the site set up.

thanks c4!

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