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Hey guys, we are getting ready to wrap up a very successful season 1. Season 2 waitlist is now open.

SEASON 2 DRAFT will (tentatively) begin second week of March, 2016. The goal is to finish the draft quickly, and finish the season before the unofficial NHL summer break. VHL Season 3 draft would then begin after GDL XV gets to ~mid/end of season. I want to begin timing the season to take place during GDL off-seasons as much as possible since many of us play both leagues.

We will remain at 18 teams for the league because we did have 2/3 replacements during season 1. There is a max of 3 trades allowed during/after the draft.

Attached is the working update of the ROM, excel sheet included, and we will use the future 2016 Trade Deadline ROM for the VHL2 draft. The V8 ratings will be very accurate to what we will draft, but I am still adding the finishing touches.

To returning GM's - welcome back! The draft order will be set once the regular season is officially over. If you want to change your team, let me know here or in PM. To new GM's - welcome to the fast-paced VHL!


Draft Order for SEASON 2:

1. Jer (Toronto)

2. Labs (Pittsburgh)

3. AquaLizard (Tampa Bay)

4. Ba55i5t (Montreal)

5. Burdy (Philadelphia)

6. AtomicRaven (Colorado)

7. Darko (Edmonton)

8. Pearate (San Jose)

9. Skip (Boston)

10. TexasPachyderm (Dallas)

11. Lupz (NY Rangers)

12. JackVandal (NY Islanders)

13. MaverickZ (Los Angeles)

14. Sicarius (St.Louis)

15. RoBro (Winnipeg)

16. Icestorm (Buffalo)

17. JackandJose (Columbus)

18. GusIslander

Not Returning:





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Hey Skip not sure you can change jerseys on the rom I forget if you said you were able to, or not, but of you can could you use these for the Rangers?

Blue Home, and White away. And if you could use the logo for my team the same as the White Jersey logo that would be awesome. If non of this is possible disregard, and no big deal, rom, and league is awesome regardless.

Pants not shown for blue jersey would be red.



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Guys, I'm low on time this time of the year, and will not be re-joining for Season 2.

I'll see if I can enact my revenge on you guys from Brutus's drunk night of losses during the playoffs, and try to see if I can make it to the finals, where I doubt anyone beats Ice. He's particularly brutal in this ROM with all the advanced B shot artist on his squad!!

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Thoughts Lupz?


Looks great, maybe make the stripe down the pants blue for both, and no red around the neck, maybe just top stripe white, but not sure that would look great so if it doesn't this would do fine. Edited by Lupz27
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FOR VHL Season2 Draft:

Dallas (TexasPachyderm) trades 1st, 2nd & 5th round picks FOR 1st, 2nd & 4th round picks to Columbus (JackandJose). Exact picks will be posted in season2 draft trades thread once launched.

Approved. Remember: Each GM has a 3 trade limit (last season was 5)

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