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[MD] Possibility of Editing the Matchups Screen Numbers in NHLPA '93's Thirty Team ROM?

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Alrighty, folks, about time that I come back to do development of titles on here, I have been in a need of returning to the NHL Hacking scene after getting back online completely.

Today, I return with wonder about editing in Slapshot67's incarnation of NHLPA Hockey '93, I have presented a good example of how it is meant to be presented, but there is still a few things missing, the above mentioned especially noticeable in the mix.

In Revision 00 builds of MIAA Women's Hockey 20I5: Tournament Edition ~ Volume 0I, a good amount of you that have played the game either from here or via The First Annual Sega Homebrew Competition have general to complete awareness that I was not able to edit up the numbers for each respective team for the Matchup Screen, I had also said in the description for the TE titles that you would have to pay extremely close attention to the commentary provided by Ron Barr to know exactly what your team is getting into, assuming that you were coming into this game without playing Volume 0I: The Mass Tour's releases based on '94 first.

Given that even now I still have not a single clue as to how to deal with the Matchup Screen's Stat Numbers one single bit (far as I'm aware, NOSE cannot even edit them, and '93 does not have any support for editing in EARE), I truly am kind of stuck in my quest to perfect the Assembly Hack of '93 to deliver as accurate of a game as probable, statistical accuracy does mean everything to a game and the lack of editing this truly does prevent modders of '93 to make their works as optimal as probable.

Another thing that had caught my surprise about this is that I had alternatively thought that '93 would automatically adjust the Matchup Screen Stat Numbers, provided the fact that I am unable to edit them manually, I was expressively wrong about that as well.

This has been getting on my nerves a good bit too, it truly feels excessively off to me that I am looking at a bad team such as the 20I4~20I5 Matignon Warriors and viewing them having these ridiculously high Team Stats that were originally used for Dallas in the template, this truly does have me a bit ticked off but not too bad that I would flip out at the screen every single time that I view it, it's simply a tidbit that I feel does not deserve to be there in the long run.

Provided the fact that I have been messing around with '93 for more than half a year now, I am at least grateful that we are even able to edit up what is available to us, and that MIAA 20I5 TE is as complex as it is right now, I will not ever judge the Thirty Team ROM's progress for what we already have.

Lacking the knowledge in editing the Matchup Screen Stat Numbers though is something that does irk me a great lot, provided that '94 already has the luxury of having its Team Ratings manually editable (even though it is done via EARE), '93 deserves the same love in this department wholly; in the event that you are able to help out in explaining how to handle editing the Team Stats in '93's Thirty Team ROM, then I will be more than willing to read from you on how to handle this, I truly want to get this dealt with at some point, even if we have to wait a few years and change to figure out how this is handled, I am an extremely patient man in waiting for things such as this, as you already know by now.

With that said, folks, please do feel more than free to discuss.

I am truly glad to be finally getting back into the swing of things here on the forums and making mods of the NHL series, it truly has been too long since I have been doing anything with or for the folks here.

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The information that you view in the highlighted area for the Needham Rockets is what I presume that you are looking into, please do bear in mind that the Rockets are the first team in the team list for Volume 02.

Above that data is the text for the commentary and information for each team in the Matchup Screen, and the data before that happens to be a massive amount of code that is used for the sprite of each of the letters in generating the game's text for each screen.

Needham, for example, I would not know if the letters and numbers before Courtney Burke's name is what I would have to edit though, it truly would seem a bit obscure to me if it were.

To explain further what I am discussing about, the numbers that used for each team in '93's Matchup Screen describes the teams' levels of Shooting, Skating, Passing, Defense, Checking, Fighting, Goaltending (Goalkeeping, as mentioned in~game), Power Play Advantage, Home Team Advantage, and how they are Overall; no matter where I look though, even in the data for the team's information, I truly am stumped as to where to look, if this is not it; I think that it is stored in an area that I would least expect it to be, I would not be surprised if it is in the utmost complex area possible, '93's code is very odd in this regard, it's not easy to work with for select things such as this. :/

Welcome back!

Thanks for the welcoming, truly makes me smile to know that my return to the NHL Hacking scene makes even one person happy.

I am forever grateful that I could be a part of this community, I always have been glad to deliver my insight and ability to the table full throttle, folks such as yourself truly have been well worth my time interacting with, I have learned a lot from being on here. (:

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I have no idea what that is you posted.

Go to 3C8 in the Original rom.

Not sure if it is the same in 30 team but it is just above the teams.

You will be just above the East All-Stars.

70 20 00 D6 99 99 90 99

70 is Offense Sim/Defense Sim

20 is PP/PK

00 is Home/Away

Then you get the 8 pointless rating numbers that mean nothing but show up on the opening page while Ron Barr speaks.

go to 664 for All-Stars West

go to 904 for Boston

33 11 21 E6 67 66 67 56

You'll have to find em from there, but they are all there and easy to see.

You can also just make them go away, if you are interested I can post that.

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Looks as if what you have presented here appears to share the same logic in the Thirty Team ROM, the only difference being the fact that the Thirty Team ROM does not use the offsets that you had presented, which are only exclusive to the original, I am able to confirm that after comparing the two (using the offsets for the original ROM, both Revision 00 and Revision 0I, when editing the Thirty Team ROM will result in you finding a whole bunch of hex values that are FF, just to clarify).

An easy way to figure out where these hex values start, based what you have presented here, is to go exactly 070 values beginning from the "V" in the "V.L.T." section, where each team's data begins, in this chunk of code.

If what I am saying here is correct, then the offsets for each of the teams' statistics on the Matchup Screen in the Thirty Team ROM is pretty much hook, line, and sinker to find, all that it be is a matter of proper counting on the part of the developer.

I would gladly list those down if this theory is accurate, I'll need to go through all of them first to clarify this entirely though, just to play it safe.

It is also worth noting down that the information that I had highlighted for the Needham Rockets is data that is a modification of the first team in the Thirty Team ROM (I think that it was originally Anaheim in Slapshot67's build, if my memory serves correctly), and as you might notice when comparing these values together with the original ROMs' data for the Eastern All~Stars, either Wboy or Slapshot67 had happened to modify the teams' code massively for the template, something that I presume was mandatory to not only make it look a bit more organized, but also to have it apply to other portions of the ROM to allow all of the registers and executions to work properly with little to no error.

Below be a Value for Value comparison of what Anaheim (Thirty Team ROM) and the Eastern All~Stars (Original ROM) teams' data looks like before the Player Names in both ROM images, so that you are able to view the similarities and differences between the two, the differences begin showing up more after 56 00 4C 00 54 0E, in the first line.

~ Original ROM Text:

V.L.T.è.".....". .Œ.j.*.L. .Ì.î.ª.Œ.„.è.".....". .Œ.j.*.L.Ì.". ...Œ.„p .Ö™™.™Ø ..........................................................

~ Original ROM Hex Values:

56 00 4C 00 54 0E E8 02 22 00 00 00 00 02 22 04

20 08 8C 06 6A 00 2A 02 4C 04 20 0C CC 0E EE 0A

AA 04 8C 0A 84 0E E8 02 22 00 00 00 00 02 22 04

20 08 8C 06 6A 00 2A 02 4C 0C CC 02 22 04 20 00

00 04 8C 0A 84 70 20 00 D6 99 99 90 99 D8 A0 01

11 12 0E 04 0B 05 00 01 13 14 0F 05 0C 04 00 01

15 16 10 06 0D 04 00 01 11 12 0E 04 0B 05 00 01

13 14 10 05 0C 04 00 01 15 16 10 08 0F 07 00 01

14 11 0F 07 10 08 00 00 0E

~ Thirty Team ROM Text:

V.L.T.ê.Ì.......".Î.®.î.®.........(...ê.Ì.........Î.®. .î..."...D.*..3.!ÓgfgVÿ...........................................................

~ Thirty Team ROM Hex Values:

56 00 4C 00 54 0E EA 0C CC 00 00 00 00 00 02 02

22 0C CE 0C AE 0E EE 0A AE 00 00 00 02 00 04 02

02 02 28 00 02 0E EA 0C CC 00 00 00 00 00 02 02

02 0C CE 0C AE 02 20 0E EE 00 04 02 22 00 00 04

44 02 2A 00 02 33 11 21 D3 67 66 67 56 FF 00 01

10 11 05 06 07 09 00 01 10 12 09 0A 06 0B 00 01

11 10 03 07 04 05 00 01 11 12 09 04 06 05 00 01

10 12 0B 05 0D 0A 00 01 10 11 0B 0C 0E 07 00 01

10 12 0E 0F 0D 09 00 00 10

Perhaps this will be able to assist in the making for the list of offsets for each team, it seems easier done than said when looking at it now, and also provided my mentioned theory.

Wishfully, this helps out in figuring out exactly what I must do here, this truly seems complex but might be simpler than expected, provided what you've mentioned above.

Feel more than free to add in your tutorial on how to get rid of the values entirely as well, it definitely be worth adding into this topic since it definitely is relevant to the topic in some probable way and form.

Although my personal aim is to modify the numbers for the team stats on the Matchup Screen, I am positive that there are some that would like to know how to get rid of them entirely, so it's nice to have it archived on here somehow. (:

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Yeah, what does this guy do for a living, write manufacture manuals for?

Good lord. I've stopped trying to read those post like 6 months ago.


Perhaps this will be able to assist in the making for the list of offsets for each team, it seems easier done than said when looking at it now, and also provided my mentioned theory.

Wishfully, this helps out in figuring out exactly what I must do here, this truly seems complex but might be simpler than expected, provided what you've mentioned above.


Easier done, seems complex but might be simpler provided x, to the y, or the wtf?!?

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here is the easy way

open your rom in nose and look at the bottom left hand screen, there is a bunch of numbers for each team.

open your rom in a hex editor and search for those numbers.

edit them the way you want.


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You found them and got what you need?

Data Found!

Apparently, my theory worked, so the offset for editing each teams' Matchup Screen values in this is exactly 070 hex values ahead beginning from the "V" in the "V.L.T." section of the code (074 hex values ahead, if you are going for the eight stat numbers), that is extremely good to know in the long run.

Now, given this, I do feel that it will be easier to work with editing up these values without a trouble, but after looking further at this, it appears that I will not be able to provide a proper list of offsets for each respective team in this case, at least for the Thirty Team ROM, in this case.

For me to provide a proper list, that would require the clean and unmodified version of the ROM Image using Slapshot67's template (which I still have laying around on my computer), and the rosters would have to be unmodified as well, so that this is edited first in the hex editor long before everything else; I'll definitely make the list when I have found all 030 necessary offsets and remember to type them down, I'll probably do that once I have completed development of Volumes 02 to 05 of MIAA 20I5 in full, maybe before that, but I guarantee that it will be available when the respective time comes, anything to make editing up '93 a little more easier for developers. (:

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I don't think it is rocket science as I said originally.

The information is quite obvious and easy to find just by looking above each teams roster in a Hex editor.

So in the original post that is what you asked for.

And you've got it.

Thank heavens.

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