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NHL 95 Tourney Live Stream Saturday the 27th


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Hey Buds


Hope to have a live stream going at our Ryder Cup / Segathon Tourney this Saturday.


My guess it will be 5 CST when it starts, then eventually there will be a loud crash at some point and it will all go dark because of dat booze.

Tweet at me during tourney at https://twitter.com/segathon

And see past tourneys at http://www.segathon.com/

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I would love to make one of these.

You got it down and do it right Segathon.

Awesome events and site.

Your Segathon site was actually the first thing I found when I started searching the internet for retro video game stuff circa 2008.

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Thanks Mac, that's crazy were the first thing you found.

There are rumors of doing a Vegas thing in 2017. If we do it, we will try to make it huge. We...will....see

Just got done with Tecmo Madison last week it was so fun. Having a whole bar full of people cheering the last game on the big screen was such a great moment. Over 250 competitors and ESPN did a few minutes on it Live Saturday Morning. Actually had a bunch of media there. Check out this link to view some of it.


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I watched for a bit last night. Nice work on the stream. From the few games I saw. They were low scoring. It seemed that it's harder to score in 95 vs 94. Fair statement?

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Thanks for watching, I was hoping to keep the stream updated with who's playing etc. But the laptop had to sit behind TV it so I couldn't monitor it. We also added some new rules/stats that sounded great in theory, but was a little too much stat keeping with 18 people and booze. Hope to put a recap up soon. Also half the guys were a little freaked about the live stream and thought that is was going to get on TMZ or something. I don't think nerds in their mid 30s playing video games is going to be top news for anyone.

On the 95 vs 94 scoring I think 94 has a larger radius of scoring. You can do basically the same moves but you need to be closer to the goalie for the shot to be effective in 95. So the D can clog the area more in 95, don't need to contest long shots. But I think it balances a bit with 95s speed, that can cause quick scoring chances. But if I reprogrammed the game, I'd like to have 94s shooting range (and 94s passing)

Also we had wide variety of skill levels at our tourney and had to use all teams, so you may of just watched a couple button mashers play with the Ducks.

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We used to do like 4 tourneys a year, but we all are domesticated now with wives and kids so its a yearly thing now. Normally play around Jan/Feb each year.

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