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GDL XV Roll Call Complete


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Doing a roll call.

Brutus & the Rockford IceHogs are returning to play.

I'll be returning as commish as well.

Lottery (&& video coming shortly after we figure out who is IN && who is OUT).

#1 Arizona Coyotes Plabax -> OUT Cleveland Barons Bassist -> IN

#2 NY Rangers King Raph -> IN

#3 Buffalo Sabres Icestorm -> IN

#4 LA Kings Uncle Seth -> IN

#5 Montreal Canadiens Habs -> IN

#6 Florida Panthers Vocally Caged -> IN

#7 Calgary Flames Zalex -> IN

#8 Winnipeg Jets Zeppelin -> IN

#9 Dallas Stars TexasPachyderm -> IN

#10 Minnesota Northstars Skip -> IN

#11 Hamilton Tigers JackVandal -> IN

#12 Hartford Whales Bo Knows -> IN

#13 Chicago Blackhawks Brutus -> IN

#14 San Jose Sharks Lupz -> IN

#15 Tampa Bay Lightning Flaming Pavel Bure -> IN

#16 St Louis Blues Sicarius -> IN

#17 Atlanta Thrashers Beavers -> IN

#18 Philadelphia Flyers SonofFet/Dexpsu -> IN

#19 New Jersey Devils Robro -> IN

#20 Detroit Redwings Darko -> IN

#21 Vancouver Canucks Atomic Raven -> IN

#22 Colorado Avalanche JackandJose -> IN

#23 Pittsburgh Penguins Labs -> IN

#24 Toronto Maple Leafs Aqualizard -> IN

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and don't let the city of Arizona or the team name "Coyotes" be used ever again.

Request noted. Win the title this season, and I'll give it at least a one season ban.

No guarantees beyond that.

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San Jose Sharks are in, depending on start time of draft might be my least active season, but don't want to lose my spot. I'll get the season in for sure some how.

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and don't let the city of Arizona or the team name "Coyotes" be used ever again.

Can I take the Cleveland Barons then?



I'm not really keen on the "cleveland barons" text in the logo, I just like the B in the C. :)

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Ho-tel, mo-tel, holiday-inn

I'm out. Retiring. Old Seth requires too much practice vs high level opponents just to stay sharp which I haven't been getting. Also, I'm extremely frustrated lately and I have no idea why. Stuff never used to phase me. Maybe the meds need to be upped, LOL, who knows. This has nothing to do with my recent performance in my series vs Ice. It's been going on for a while. Funny but true, it has played out this way even in real hockey as I haven't scored a goal in months, despite millions of chances. Just not in the right frame of mind these days I guess. Could be stress but I can't identify any cause of it. Maybe I'll be back someday. Other than that, I'm fine, still same old clown. Wish all you buds best of luck.


Eh, nevermind. What the hell would I do every night? I'd have to find a new hobby. Can't think of anything else that interests me, so I reverse my decision purely on those grounds. I think I'd go MORE insane not playing. Feels good to be back! LOL

Edited by Uncle Seth
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