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Rangers add C Giroux, and N Kronwall

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TBL's FA add is valid. The trade of FA players for PIT and NYR is invalid as that is called a trade, not a FA pickup.

Moving forward, to add a FA, you must trade with the FA Pool...For instance - Team A releases "Player Z and adds Player X" in one transaction.

After a player is released (Player Z) he will remain on Waivers until someone claims them, but they must sit for 48 hrs so all teams have the chance to add them. The waiver priority will run from your original draft position. So, if you were slotted in the #1 draft position (Jer), that same team would have 1st priority for waivers.

I am a bit upset this is even an issue, and may eliminate FA moves for VHL3. If I need to add any more rules for this, I will have to cancel the remainder of the FA period. This makes things 10x harder for me, and will delay the start of the season, and I seriously don't have time to deal with this stuff.

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Cam Atkinson has cleared waivers as of 11:09pm last night.

NOTE: Anyone released moving forward will be on waivers for 4 hours. The transaction deadline is tonight at 11:59pm, so any player dropped at 8pm (Eastern) or after will not be eligible for this season. Please place waiver claims on this thread.

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