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Player indicator hack

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Hello all, just wondering would there be possibility to make a hack, where all players on ice have their number and position showing all the time. You know like now the player who have the puck on control, have number and position showed below him. Would it be a hard hack to do?

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interesting concept. I'd enjoy one without the positions but with all of the numbers. this concept fits securely in the realm of "possibly possible, but surely not simple."

best case is it's possible and easy to switch on. this is unlikely, but you'd have to find the "off" switches and flip them to "on."

worst case is it's not possible for the game to handle more than, like, four such markings and it's not even set up to offer the option away from player-controlled or puck-possessing characters, therefore memory code would need to be rewritten to allow for the remaining players to be switched on, while also requiring new code to mark the rest of the active players, for some sort of hack job to strike a balance in between.

most likely its a lot closer to the harder end than the easy one, but that's not based in actually knowing the specifics of how the numbering-/position-displays are coded.

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