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Cup Runs

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AngryJay and I got talking about these and ways to make the Individual Challenge of playing the Computer more fun. He has some amazing stats and documentation using every team and winning the Cup with a 16-0 record and then some playing with an Empty Net which makes it much more challenging and interesting. I had to give myself an easier handicap than playing all the games with an Empty Net, but also didn't want to just play the CPU with no handicap..

Over at Tecmo Bowl they are always coming up with this type stuff. My favorite challenge on TSB is running no Offense for an entire season. You can only score on Special Teams and Defense. Every time you go on Offense you must Kick a FG or Punt.

So here are my rules for 94 Cup Runs. Also I am using my Original 6 WBF rom, Classic WBF rom, and Classic rom.

Rules and Settings:

28 Games

Best of 7 Playoffs plus additional games as needed.

Line Changes: OFF

Penalties: OFF

12 Games Empty Net (3 minute periods)

16 Games with Goalie (5 minute periods)

Each series you must play 3 games with an empty net.

All other games you may use your goalie with no restrictions.

And the Stats and Results from my first Cup Run!

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Typically as coach said I try to find ways to make the computer more challenging but in preparation for Toronto last year I wanted to gather training with all the teams and I made an attempt to play a best of 7 series playoff run with all the teams by starting with Anaheim and going through the teams alphabetically. I only managed to make it through Quebec before Toronto and I only just recently finished my final series with Winnipeg.

As a part of this 7 game series I just pinned my ears back and went full bore on the computer with the following rules.

5 minute periods

penalties on, offsides off

line changes off

use best line possible (I did some experimenting)

use manual goalie on cpu breakaways

in general, pick the toughest 1st round match up to start off with

I plan on posting my stats in my building lines section to get more info on all the players out into the public. I think there is room to improve on my stats and if you think you can then go for it. It's not all about leading scorers though, I want to try and see if there are certain players that take more penalties on a consistent basis, goalies that have higher save %, who shoots at a high percentage, etc.,

I'll post a sample of my Anaheim run:

Beat Vancouver, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Buffalo in 4 games each






Yake: 55 g-22a-77 p-126 shots-8 PIM

Semenov: 30-33-63-71 shots-14 PIM

Loach: 10-13-23-37 shots-2 PIM

Kasatonov: 10-13-23-24 shots-26 PIM

Ladoucer: 1-19-20-11 shots-8 PIM

Loney: 8-3-11-19 shots-4 PIM

Hebert: 0-11-11

Bawa: 1-2-3-2 shots-2 PIM

Williams:0-2-2-1 shot-0 PIM

Hebert: 114 saves-126 shots against-.905 sv%

Goals For: 119 (26th)

Goals Against: 12 (T7th)

Total Shots: 291 (26th)

Total PIMS: 64 (T17)

Currently I'm working on individual leaderboards (teams are completed) and converting the excel file into something that is easier to present and read as this post is a little sloppy in terms of making things easy to see.I hope that if you decide to look at the cup runs that you find some interesting and informative information and feel inspired to do a few of your own and post them.

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