The Ultimate NHL'94 Strategy Guide

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I will be fleshing out this site over the next few weeks/months/years and wanted to share with you all here. I'll tackle the sections on the site in piecemeal as I get to them, but if anyone requests one part sooner than others, I will be more motivated to finish that section! And if you want to contribute to any section, go for it! A lot of this stuff is just organizing some of the knowledge already housed on these forums and crediting the appropriate folks! They key for me is to support examples with video and pictures. That makes it 100x more powerful, but also requires more time to create that content!

This is Genesis-based for now, as that is what I feel comfortable writing about, but would be completely open to a collaboration for SNES. PM me if interested.

Well, that's it...just wanted to get this on the board to give me some motivation/momentum (I finally feel comfortable making a basic website!). Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, whatever.

Basic outline/Current Thoughts:

1. Players

  • Understanding Attribute Values (done)
  • Attributes for Forwards and Defensemen (done)
  • Attributes for Goalies (done)
  • The Weight Bug & CB Check (done)
  • Hot/Cold Effect (done)
  • Classic Player Ratings

2. Teams

  • Starting Lineup Options (AJ Guide) (WIP)
  • Home & Road Ice Advantage
  • Team Rankings

3. Scoring Techniques

  • Slapshots (done)
  • Dekes
  • One-Timers (done)
  • Pass Shots
  • Miscellaneous

4. Offensive Strategy

  • Understanding Team Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Faceoff Strategy
  • Rush Options
  • Passing Frequency
  • Dump & Chase
  • Creating breakaway passes
  • Breakaway strategy
  • Penalty Shots
  • Understanding Your Opponent's Defense

5. Defensive Strategy

  • The Art of Checking
  • Understanding Team Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Manual Goalie Control
  • Losing Faceoff Options
  • Defensive Tactics

6. Miscellaneous

  • Game Bugs
  • Momentum
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cool! I wish you great success in this endeavor and I hope somebody volunteers to assist with the SNES side of things. the other two versions would be nice to include, too, as they are both quality installments worthy of proper recognition and examination. thanks for doing this!

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oh, so I "finished" up my Ninety Flow 2016 instruction booklet, and some of the pages from that may be good for SNES tips. the goalie stuff, in particular. the "the move" page, too. here's that thread if you want to grab any of that stuff from there:

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Minor updates - did the page on Goalie Attributes, few photos on one-timers (video to come shortly after Classic starts...lots of opportunities for examples will be there!)

Will be working on Hot/Cold Effect next, as I've gotten 1 request! :P

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Wow, you got one request and are already on the case? Ok....

I am interested in (in order of priority):

Section 5
The Art of Checking
Manual Goalie Control

Section 4
Creating Breakaway Passes
Faceoff Strategy
Understanding Your Opponent's Defense

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  • 5 months later...

Raph, please quit your job and get to:

1. The Art of Checking

2. Manual Goalie Control

Looking forward to the words of wisdom!

Ha, I am currently working on pass shots (just need some more clips), but will get to these. Especially since summer is over and GDL will end sooner than later for me.

Thanks for the continued interest!

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