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1994 - some of what it left us

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Comets crashing into Jupiter, the OJ Simpson trial : (, Playstation launches : ), the war in Rwanda, Mandela becomes the President of South Africa, Tanya Harding has Nancy Kerrigan's knee assaulted, the NBA Finals (my poor Knicks!), Donkey Kong Country is released, the Baseball Strike, Kurt Cobain kills himself, Woodstock '94


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Another thing I was going to mention is though many have NHL 94 as their favorite sports game, that year began my interest in the event and made the video game my favorite, World Cup USA '94



(oh, just wanted to mention this as well,


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couldn't you just reply to your other post/thread? why did you feel the need to post this separately, in its own thread?

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Also, Lisa Marie Presley married the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The marriage didn't last very long, mostly because she's more of an stay-at-home type, and he was more of a homosexual pedophile.

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If you haven't watched American Crime Story - The People vs. O.J. Simpson, it was really great and showcased the 90's really well.

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re: tru's reply -


no, really, this was my only post here. in the Global Announcements

Re: clockwise's reply -

(good one!) see above

Re: jer_33 -

That's true, I did see about two episodes, yeah they did a good chronicling there.

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