[Aug 13, 2016 - Long Island, NY] - Long Island Retro Gaming Expo

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Btw, I think the Tecmo guys had like a $20 sign up for vets, and either a discounted or free entry for new folks. Something to think about, I kind of like that idea, though would be hard to police if some forum guy didn't disclose he was a vet.

Yes, good point. My idea was that there should be a few prizes aimed at rookies (non-forum guys), but just a lower fee is a good idea, too.

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Btw, I think the Tecmo guys had like a $20 sign up for vets, and either a discounted or free entry for new folks. Something to think about, I kind of like that idea, though would be hard to police if some forum guy didn't disclose he was a vet.

The Tecmo guys had a side entry fee of $20 for the vets. The cash payout was only for the vets though. It was free for everyone else.

Btw I would love to see Plabax play some Tecmo, then complain how the fumbles are random and should be removed from the game because they don't let the best player win and it's not fair.

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Good afternoon everyone,

I want to say thank you to Raph, Evan, John, Alison and the other volunteers from NHL 94.com who helped with the tournament this year! I talked to the founders of the expo and we were impressed with your efficiency and professionalism with running the tournament. We would love to have you back for next year's expo! Raph, I am sorry that you were unable to make it, but the way that you organized everything was top-notch, and we really do appreciate your hard work in working with us directly! Finally, thank you guys for the kind words about me. I felt that since you were our guests to the expo, if there was anything that you needed, I would try to do my best to assist and provide. It was my pleasure to help you out any way necessary to make your tournament and expo experience a success. :)

We are currently having discussions about all aspects of the expo and see what we need to improved upon. There are some things that I can discuss with you at the moment, and others we are still trying to get feedback on. To those who were volunteers or attended the expo, if you could please send us feedback, we would really appreciate it! Here are the list of options we are exploring:

1) We are looking at possible expansion of the sports genre tournaments, looking to include a baseball game, preferably R.B.I. Baseball. If there are people on this forum that know anyone who has run an R.B.I. Baseball tournament in the past, or can point me in the right direction, it would me much appreciated.

2) There was a lot of input about the fact NBA Jam, Tecmo and NHL tournaments started really close to each other or at the same time. Even though the start times were this way due to the nature of the expo being only a one day event, the location of the NHL and Tecmo tournaments were separate from NBA Jam. One suggestion from the Tecmo tournament organizers to help with the issue was having a separate sports game tournament section, so all the sports games are close to each other, which is a great idea. The only issue is with this idea is the layout for next year's expo have not been determined yet since the expo just ended. Until then, we will still be exploring all options, since the interest in those three tournaments overlaps.

3) Finally, we will be looking into ways to attract those coming from out-of-state and/or not located on Long Island. The current location of the expo that we have is conducive to it being pretty central to those from Far Eastern Long Island to the Far West Nassau, and the current expo format is for one-day only from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. When the promotion for next year's expo starts again, we will have more details at that point.

Thanks again for those who attended, and I hope to work with you all again, as I have thoroughly enjoyed this process!

Yours in Gaming,

George (BanditRa101801)

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Might be a good idea to have a console set-up at the next KO94 event that would stream/record any record-breaking attempts.

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Were there cash prizes for this? If so, we can update our [E-Sports Earnings](http://www.esportsearnings.com/games/416-nhl-94) page. Need the prize amounts and player names and/or nicknames. Player nationality as well (I assume all American at this one?).

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