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Sicarius Needed for Spring Classic B


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My team (EDM) has played all of their games except 3 against LA, coached by Sicarius Fulgur. Can we please schedule our 3 games?

I am available almost every weeknight from 8pm-11pm.

On weekends I can be available from noon to 11pm, as long as we set a time beforehand.

I am a little concerned because you have 27 Games left to satisfy Checkpoint ( 5 ) by May. 29th, and so a ton of people will be looking for you.

Can you name a time to play me? Thanks!

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BTW this weekend is very busy for me, so I want to get these games done tonight (Thur May 26) or tomorrow night (Fri May 27).

Repeat: I will probably not be able to play Sat or Sun, with Sunday being the last day.

Tonight I will check in at 8pm and see if there is a Sic sighting, or plz schedule a time wuith me here.


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There was a Sic sighting last night! He played 4 of his Classic games! Unfortunately it was after midnight EST, so I was asleep. (He now has 3 days to do > 50% of his games.)

Sic, can we do our games tonight? As I say, I am busy this weekend so can't commit. Tonight I will check in at 8pm again and see if you are around...

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