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Forfeits will be placed by me after this deadline, and we will move on to Round 2.

Once your series is forfeit, there is no court of appeals.

Playoffs been open since last Thursday.

Ice vs Darko

Zalex vs Dexpsu

Fpb vs Beavers

HABS, VC, SETH, ZEP & RAPH await these results to setup Round 2.

Round 1 is in the books.

On to Round 2...

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Round 2 deadline for all series

Thursday July 7th midnight eastern (holiday weekend, extra time)

Habs (Montreal) vs Sonoffett/Matt Hurray/Dexpsu (Philly) Rocky music blaring in the background

Ice (Buffalo) vs VC (Florida)

FPB (Quebec) vs Raph (Anaheim)

Seth (Brooklyn) vs Zep (Winnipeg)

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Round 3 Deadline is JULY 18th.

We are ahead of schedule, which is good, because 4th of July is coming up, and it's summer time, so series can get delayed. Habs is moving & Ice is about to go on a trip or two.

Ron Barr

#1 FPB vs #2 Sth

Mark Lesser

#1 Habs vs #2 Ice

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Hey dude, I'm free at 1-3 est today. Empty house then let me know. Otherwise free to play from 8-10 tonight

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