I'm sorry everyone

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Guest cr0ssbar94

I'm sorry that I'm the best player in this league, and that some of you dont know how to master the "pass shot", so you call it "cheesy" and "cheap".

If you can put your jealousy aside, I would be more than happy to give you some lessons on NHL 94.

My AIM is cr0ssbar. Lessons are free.

P.S., I fully understand why so many people here dont like me. When youre the best, youre not liked. Usually I end up playing a person for 2 or 3 games, whip them badly, then "mysteriously" those people dont want to play anymore, and leave messages about my "cheesy style". Funny thing is, a truly great players of NHL 94 would be able to overcome any style of play. Hmmm...I understand. I'm the best, and I know it.

You all saw what I did with San Jose. Better hope I get a s**t team again next season. :)

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Guest cr0ssbar94
cr0ssbar, youre the BEST player I have ever played. I bow down before you. Would you please allow me to lick your boots?

You SCHOOLED me in NHL 94. Whipped me 20-1. I am so ashamed I am considering retirement. :)

I already know I'm the best. Look what I did with San Jose, a scrub team. Tell me something I dont know.

You definetely need to retire. Fighting me is a losing battle.

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Cr0ssbar, I think what you achived was great the pass shot is not cheap you have to get in front of it to stop it so... ur in da hall-o-fame Cr0ssbar+nhl94=great guy

EDIT: it ur skill man

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