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GDL XVI Roll Call  

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  1. 1. I'm coming back

    • YES, I'm IN
    • No I'm OUT
    • No I'm OUT for just this season (reserve me a seat for GDL XVII)

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Ok, I'm starting out with a roll call. I know of a few guys who might not "renew" for this season. Dropping out for just a season is an option, since the pace of the league is going faster than some guy's lives are allowing.

Voting is public, so no need to comment after voting UNLESS you feel the need :)

FIGURE DRAFT TO START ABOUT JULY 19th, and SEASON to start about August 1st.

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I'm going to first wait & see how MANY want to come back before deciding on IF we need to move anyone out.

Last season was more of a struggle than I like to have to get guys to play plus there is some top talent waiting to get in, and to be honest, GDL was always about the "best of the best".

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I think raph is trying to drag me into the next league? I'm ok with playing in gdl xvi only. I want to focus on classic again in the fall.

Raph has some plan worked out for me so I don't have to deal with drafting or trading. I just want 12 guys on my team and games on my schedule.

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Yeah, Raph asked me ahead of time if it was Ok to auto-draft you or something like that. I think using last 3 seasons ADP to determine your pick was what he had in mind.

I had told him I'm fine with that.

Should also be noted, we seem to range from 20 to 28 guys committed to playing at all times. Given we get to a season about every 3 to 4 months, sitting out a season, jumping back in, etc is not that long of a wait.

If we get closer to a more 12 man A and 12 man B style matchup, I may switch to an A & B style schedule & playoffs. I want to first finish roll call.

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I want to play if and only if I get a top 15-16 pick (the only way to have a chance at winning)... thanks!

My first response is f- you. Everyone gets their balls put into the machine and the lottery determines the draft order.

My second thought is that in some ways, you have drafted like close to last so many times, and do play all your games, so you might warrant a top 15 pick guarantee if we got desperate for another A level guy to join us.

As of right now, we aren't desperate, so I'll revert back to my first response. IF it changes before I run the draft lottery video, I will make sure to put you in w/ your protected slot.

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Theoretically yes, I'm starting a work in poland at 11.7 so I should have a flat and internet by 1.8, but it is still uncertain thus I stated end of august in the other thread. Draft I could do with my pad surely. Yet there surely is a wait list as well not having played in the past 2. Have to think about it.

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Atomic is OUT. Houly is replacing him.

Raph is OUT. AJ is replacing him for this season. AJ to drop after this season, and Raph to return.

Ice is OUT. Freydey to replace him.

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Damn…… No Ice No Raph No Plabs….. can we just call a Seth v. Frey final already? lulz

Edit: my bad AJ, didn't see ya ;)

Nonsense. A lot of guys in the next GDL are at a playing high level, including FPB, Zalex, Habs, Zep. And like you said, AJ & Freydey are heavy hitters. And Plabber wants in. Anybody's game.

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