Making all advantages even for future seasons of Classic (GENS)

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Yeah, I like to make up little stories about why they're hot/cold "Zelepukin cold again…. He ought to stop doing blow"

Classic Is And Never Was And DEFINITELY Was Not Originally Designed To Be A Totally Fair Best Player Wins League Every Season Is Different Based On What Team You End Up

Just save us a lot of time plabax and admit you think youre the best. Any league you enter and don't win is an automatic sham because the best didn't win. Stop trying to cover up your crap with the

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Nevermind all this. What we really need is an Auto-Goalie league so I can win more than 2 games in a 50 game season. That would be great, thanks.

Manual Goalie is hands down the best feature of the game... get with it

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The handicap idea should be taken outside of this virtual environment into REAL sports!

Handicap the best teams in the NHL! Or handicap the player in tennis. This is a closer comparison to nhl94 as the "coach" in nhl94 is one person. Federer was the undisputed champ for so long and seemingly came out of nowhere. Then Djokovic came along. Both while at the top of their game almost unbeatable. This is clearly not fair to the other players in the league!

Yes. They should handicap the best tennis players in order to make it morer fairerer for the other really good players in the league who can't beat the top guys.

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Ok bringing back this thread.....i don't get all the arguing but it peaks my interest. I understand the classic league and wouldn't change a thing. But is there a ROM and/or league that hacks this game and makes the teams all on an even playing field. I think in this instance you could sort of see who needs a TEAM to be the best.....or who can win with some hockey skills/knowledge of how the game is played. Id like to see a team that can pass really well and isn't reliant on one or two guys doing all the scoring or have one guy skating up and down the ice scoring freely. Maybe its here already but I haven't delved into more than just the classic gens league.

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38 minutes ago, Premium said:

lol. I'm trying to find all of the threads that are left without an ending!

I see.  And then you add the rightful ending that they are lacking, which amounts to: "Plabax was right, after all. I am the best. I told you so."

Good stuff. :P

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