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dude, guy... please admit that you are lying about the part about "consistent attendance....and always got along with 99 % of you." you consistently attended the message boards to rant about why you were bailing on yet another league or how literally just about every person was cheating and being awful to you. I've been here since day two, too, and I have seen your dozens of threads about rage violence, personal disagreements, quitting leagues because of rules/rulings, quitting leagues because of player strategy annoyances, quitting leagues because of substance use issues, quitting leagues because of job interference, quitting leagues because of family issues, quitting leagues because of interpersonal player disputes, quitting leagues because you broke your gear in frustration....so much drama! you should just admit that you thrive off of the drama that you (try to) create. I know this is just another thread that'll be gone next week, so there is little evidence to prove this stuff was real, but anybody who has been here the whole time could feel right about agreeing with this post, despite it coming from the second most hated member of the boards. that typed, I'm continually impressed by the leeway you are given. when I nicely asked to be forgiven and allowed to not be punished for deeds of years gone, I was banned. you? you get to call the moderators and administrators all sorts of names they don't deserve. you get to let your palpable rage boil over time and again. you get all of the fresh starts you request afforded to you, despite being cruel and rude and spammy and whiny and....well, anyway...welcome back! I hope your life is how you want it. good luck with this thread and I look forward to your next one within the next six months. you are predictable to the point that I don't doubt that you get tired of playing people around here who have come to know you -- your next move is already known!

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I know ice n king have a dick up there ass and think there gods among others like plabax and OTHERS but grow the f**k up

Many of us have met Ice and Raph in person at the tourney last year. Doubt you'd find anyone who would say they are dick-up-ass types. Just quiet chill guys. Whatever communication you may have had recently with them, it is possible it was misconstrued. Let's face it, it's easy to do that when it's simply words on a screen and no other cues. From one lunatic to another, deep breaths. Maybe you were irked that we didn't make a big deal of your return? If that is so, it's probably because it's happened so many times, we don't know if it will last.

We want you to come back in leagues. You're a good player. I can't wait to lay out Fleury with via Tom Kurvers CB...and imagine how will make your s**t get pushed in.

No need to get full of piss & vinegar over something minor. Someday we'll all be either ashes or have maggots crawling up our poop chutes.

First thing you need to do is get rid of that cuckold keyboard of yours, messing up constantly and contributing to frustration.

Edited by Uncle Seth
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and of course the post is now gone. what size ARE those clown shoes?

Damn I missed it.

In the future if Hokkeefan or anyone else posts an insane rant, please someone immediately "reply quote" the whole thing so that it is saved for posterity for all to see. :)

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