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GDL TOURNEY ->Let's try to finish this week


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This is the link to the tourney sheet:


I will update it as we go.

Plabax has finished the ROM.

RANKING FOR HOME / AWAY based on this seeding:

#1 Plabax GDL 12 Nashville (his team)

#2 FPB GDL 7 Tampa Bay (his team)

#3 Freydey GDL 8 Quebec Nordiques (his team)
#4 Habs GDL 8 Detroit (his team

#5 Sebe GDL 8 Canadians (his team)

#6 Brutus GDL 12 Chicago (his team)

#7 Hokkee GDL 8 Washington (his team)

#8 Tex GDL 6 New York

#9 Ba55 GDL 5 Edmonton (Ice)

#10 JV GDL 15 San Jose (Lupz)

#11 Lupz GDL 1 Flyers

#12 Probob GDL 3 Winnipeg (KG)

#13 Labs GDL 13 Jagr's team

We will use a NO PENALTY, B check allowed, Static Rom w/ Classic weight rules & Y button goalie switch/shorter goalie delay. IT's basically Plabax's ROM. Next tourney will use a different rules but it's these rules for this tourney.


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Just played habs

Que 6 - 3 Chi

Que 7 - 5 Chi

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Hoping to push guys this week to finish this one up.

I've seen Ba55 on a lot, and this series did not get played so I'm advancing him.

I've texted Sebe more than once, and he was supposed to play, but has been MIA.

I'll play within the next few days, and we both are on alot when FPB is around, so winner can knock that out, and it will be down to 3.

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