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Sega CD ROM not working

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Hey guys...I've been trying endlessly to try to get the ROM of the Sega CD version of the game to work, and I just can't get it to. I have both the Gens and Kega Fusion emulators on my PC and the Picodrive emulator on my PSP. Every other ROM I've downloaded works perfectly, but of course the only one I actually want to play I can't get to load at all. On any of the emulators, the Sega CD screen loads, then the Sega screen with Sonic on it. Then, the screen goes black, and nothing happens. I have all of the bios files installed in each emulator. As I said before, I downloaded a number of other ROMs, (NBA Jam, Bill Walsh CFB, FIFA) and they all worked without an issue. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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