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Official start date is August 1st.

For those traveling, or planning on doing your slacker thing, I got the season up ahead of schedule.

Special thanks to Raph & Chaos, who are NOT even in the league but gave us their time & dedication!

August 1st is the OFFICIAL start date, but any games LOGGED now are permanent and do count for the season. But, all draft penalties and deadlines will not start until the FIRST deadline of August 8th.


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FYI, games have not been able to be uploaded for some reason as of now.

Maybe it's the new changes, but either way, not one coach has been able to upload them. SOOOO...

if you play your games now, please be sure to save your states in a separate folder and let's avoid any "unusual" uploads this season (couldn't resist).

I emailed Chaos last night about the issue, so hopefully, we will have it running sooner than later.

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BIG THANKS to all who worked on GDL. I appreciate the f**k out of anyone who takes time out of their lives to set up basically my favorite thing in the world. You all rock.

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