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The above two posts are ideas contained with the SNES dark side of SDL. I like certain players and would always draft them but it is better for me and the community to be (semi)forced to play with different players all the time.

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On 8/18/2016 at 11:38 AM, Premium said:

Get real dude. Shopping? Cleaning? Yard Work? You must shop for a family of 25 and live in the world's biggest mansion.. Nobody spends a lot of time doing those things.

Again, you probably have about 52 hours of free time a week. Shopping/Cooking/Yard Work/Cleaning/Commute Time/ + your kid in sports is not going to make you "busy".

Being BUSY is what happens on the odd day where uncommon things happen to be scheduled on it. Maybe you have an appointment after work and then you need to pick your daughter up from the school play rehearsals after. Maybe it's your daughter's birthday party and you have to pick up a cake 30mins away from home..

Being busy is not coming home from work, washing five dishes, sitting on the couch eating potato chips complaining about how exhausted you are followed by a nap.

Plabs was referring to icestorm aka slacker ...Bahahaha

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