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A post dedicated to the lost souls of 94. We understand if you are no longer playing 94 you are likely in jail, homeless, Tomkabs, on meth, or a drunk male prostitute. We hope and pray for your return to the land of GA.

Today's featured lost soul:
(1) Donnybrook (2009-2015)
A long time staple in the 94 community among the pot heads and 2on2 junkies, donnybrook was always down for a game between the hours of 11pm-4am. We miss you and love you DB, please come home.


Disclaimer: This post is satire. All of which is fiction, and presumably fake. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.

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(2) drp1zza (2008 (?) - 2010) "NHL94.com Zoo Era"
One of the most troubled and deeply entertaining/disturbing individuals to ever have played NHL94 online. To gain a grasp of the absurdity of drp1zza please take a look at the link below.

From: Encyclopediadramatica.se

  • Was a part of an NHL94 Online league in 2010 where he became angry at a mod named Sungod after being disciplined for swearing during his play-by-play calling of a game. He was soon after beaten in a league regular season game and was enraged so he posted pain olympics, tubgirl, and the such all over the forums and deleted the league he was helping run. He was banned from the community indefinitely.


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Where's jesus? Creator of 2on2, would stay til 3 am to tell you weird stories about life and 94



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