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[MD] NHLPA '93: Thirty Team ROM (Slapshot67 Version): HivePal Offsets (Palette Editing)


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Totally forgot to do this months ago, at least it's better than never, even though it's long overdue.

Similar to my NHL '94: Thirty Team ROM HivePal Offset List, this one will allow you to know the locations of virtually every major palette in Slapshot67's version of the Thirty Team ROM for NHLPA Hockey '93, it will be updated accordingly for any offsets that I did not list at the time of this post; some palettes, like '94, have multiple offsets and will be listed together for the sake of convenience, some are also rendered as Undetermined due to being unsure on which is the exact offset for the respective primary palette, based on my notes from earlier in the year.

Primary Palettes:

~ EA Sports Splash Screen: Undetermined. Could be one to all of these four: 0887FE, 08881E, 08883E, 08885E.

~ Title Screen: The first four are the background, palettes 05 to 07 are the ones that make up the text, stars, and (possibly) the logo bar, in that order: 013704, 013724, 013744, 013764, 0A8A2A, 0A8A6A, 0A8A8A.

~ Main Menu: 0AF8BC.

~ Ron Barr's Commentary, Stat Menus: 032A70, 032A90, 032AB0, 032AD0.

~ Arena 0I: Undetermined. It could be one of the following: 035E50, 08D20C.

~ Arena 02, Team Banners: Undetermined. It could be one of the following: 035E70, 07C038, 08D22C, 09571A.

Team Palettes (Sprites, first is Home, second is Visitor):

~ Team 0I: 09BD1A, 09BD3A.
~ Team 02: 09BF5E, 09BF7E.
~ Team 03: 09C20C, 09C22C.
~ Team 04: 09C4DE, 09C4FE.
~ Team 05: 09C766, 09C786.
~ Team 06: 09CA22, 09CA42.
~ Team 07: 09CC4E, 09CC6E.
~ Team 08: 09CEE8, 09CF08.
~ Team 09: 09D168, 09D188.
~ Team 0I0: 09D444, 09D464.
~ Team 0II: 09D71C, 09D73C.
~ Team 0I2: 09D9D0, 09D9F0.
~ Team 0I3: 09DC44, 09DC64.
~ Team 0I4: 09DE8C, 09DEAC.
~ Team 0I5: 09E0AA, 09E0EA.
~ Team 0I6: 09E358, 09E378.
~ Team 0I7: 09E644, 09E664.
~ Team 0I8: 09E958, 09E978.
~ Team 0I9: 09EC58, 09EC78.
~ Team 020: 09EF48, 09EF68.
~ Team 02I: 09F24C, 09F26C.
~ Team 022: 09F4EA, 09F50A.
~ Team 023: 09F78A, 09F7AA.
~ Team 024: 09F9E2, 09FA02.
~ Team 025: 09FC9E, 09FCBE.
~ Team 026: 09FF92, 09FFB2.
~ Team 027: 0A0216, 0A0236.
~ Team 028: 0A04EE, 0A050E
~ Team 029: 0A1546, 0A1566.
~ Team 030: 0A1756, 0A1776.
And that is every palette offset that I am aware of in this particular ROM, at the time of this post, I'm more than sure that it'll come in handy for those that want to work on more ROM hacks of '93, this will definitely make editing the palettes a bit more easy and extensive, I hope that this will serve you folks well.
With that said, folks, I hope that this helps in extending the guide for art editing of '93's current Thirty Team ROM by a significant margin, put it to the best use that you can, I truly cannot wait for what you could make with this now available to you, even if it is simply editing colours.
Happy palette editing! (:
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