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Toronto Missing Games (Need Skip, Robro, Frey and Lupz)


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I aim to hit another 100% completed season! I need:

MIN (Skip)
NJ (Robro)
QUE (Freydey)
SJ (Lupz)

Please schedule games with me here! After 9pm EST M-F is best, but I can be available at odd times on the weekend if we schedule.



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hey, I can do 9pm or later tomorrow night (Friday), looks like that fits your availability

Ok, I will check in 9pm EST Friday. Can't stay long so hopefully you will be on close to then. Thx for reply.

i'l be on monday

Is 9pm Monday ok? If not, can you name a time and I will get back to you? Also, I have the day off Monday so day time is possible, too. Thx for reply.

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It has been over a week since I posted this and did not hook up with anyone to finish games! (Robro and I tried, but had technical difficulties.)

Skip, I need you more than anyone! (4 games!)

Please throw me a bone, guys! If we schedule a game, I will be there 100%. I have never missed a scheduled game. It is easy to do.

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