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This is all hypothetical, but I was wondering if it was possible to use NHL94 with an
alternate controller, such as the Kinect for Xbox One?



What I would like to know, is if it is possible to access each action command directly
so they can be mapped to the alternate controller.
To clarify, instead of the Sega controller where A, B, C do different things depending
on when and how you touch/hold each button, the alternate controller would have direct
access to each action, such as "change player", "poke check", "pass", "control goalie", etc.

Even a "1 on 1" game, could be fun, as long as there is decent response, and no lag.

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Hypothetically, I don't see why not. There are lots of mapping programs out there that take various types of input (keystrokes, button presses, combinations etc..) and map them to do something different. I don't see why the kinect would be different.

Because every button does something different depending on what's happening in the game (Offense/Defense, Proximity to another player, Proximity to the puck etc..) it would take some time to tune it well enough to play, nevermind the actual learning curve of playing the game this way.

Personally I would try it on a simpler platform type game first to see how it works, before wrapping my head around playing it on a chaotic sports game.

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