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Just thought I'd post here to put some new stories in the ol NHL 95 portion of the forum.

Posted a recap of the Segathon NHL 95 Tourney http://www.segathon.com/segathon-2016/

Only 8 months after the event was held...

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Nobody does the Live thing better than Segathon.

His was the first site I found when i discovered the internet in 2009.

I have tried to duplicate what he has done, but my friends are not as cool.

Awesome Site and awesome Tourney's.

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Thanks guys, Hope to do a big one at a bar again some year and will try to get all you guys out for it.

The 97 vs 98 is our High School Graduation year. The Evil 97ers started this thing and we were the "little brothers" that tagged along in everything. Eventually after saying our prayers and taking our vitamins per advice of Hulk Hogan we (98) have been able to beat them up. Been doing this in some form for over 20 years, and have been logging it since 2006. This last one we did 9 on 9 instead of 4 on 4.

Ryder Cup is by far the funnest event and it does not take a lot of buds to pull off. Tecmo guys play a version with "slappys" where once a game you can slap the controller out of the opponents hand. May have to institute it.

Just googled a flight to Saskatoon ($500) for Retrothon, but then realized I'll be in Nebraska that weekend. Will be playing NHL95 all the way to Nebraska then going to watch the Gophers get killed by the Huskers.

Make sure to keep the Twitter feed going on Retrothon so I can follow.

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