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NOSE 1.2b source code


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Apologies to the community for not posting this (many years) earlier.

NOSE 1.2b was coded in Visual Basic 6 (VB6). You would need this installed if you were ever to try recompile nose.exe.

To just view the code with color syntax highlighting you can use something like Notepad++. All of the code is within the *.frm (Forms), *.bas (Basic Modules) & *.cls (Classes).

Just remember to select Language > V > Visual Basic within Notepad++ after you have opened any of those files.

Sorry if some of the code within is shoddy or confusing, but it was somewhat of a learning exercise in both ROM hacking and Visual Basic programming for myself too. :)

Hopefully it’s of some benefit to someone.



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wboy, you have created joy for thousands of people, and many more thousands of hours of gameplay because of NOSE. My sincerest thanks to you for your time, effort and help all these years. Glad to see you still exist (you were transferring from legendary to mythological status), hope you are well.

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Thanks guys. Nice to hear it still gets used today now 10 years on.

Helps me justify the amount of time I probably spent on it back in the day rom hacking and coding NOSE... not that I didn't enjoy it... I did...

I only just ran NOSE on my Windows 10 box yesterday and amazed to see it worked even without registering the OCXes.... though it did kick of my Office 2013 setup first time before it launched (not sure wtf that happened).

lol @ clockwise! :D

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