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Nananana Nananana Hey heyyy GOOD BYE


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I'd like to say my farewells to the 94 boards. It has been a great adventure since me and my boy joined this forum....almost 10 years ago. :| I think we managed to corrupt enough people on this forum, according to the numbers of wtga i read on these boards.

Time flies, so did my 94 passion. I didn't really have any fun playing in the last leagues i've been part of, at a point where it was hard for me to find the time to play the games.

I'd like to thank all the guys around here for providing a great and FREE online experience of a great game, especially the big shots managing the leagues.

Big thanks to Evan, Smozoma, Kingaa, Halifax, Brutus and all the other guys who worked hard on this forum and spend a lot of their time managing the leagues properly.

Big shout-out to Jesus, habs, asstorm, zalx (ofcourse) and all the other cracknuts (metropolite) who gave me the perfect buzz, late at night, with the craziest 2on2 action.

And of course, thanks to all the guys who let me win some of these leagues over the years!

Peace out



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Freydey you were and always will be a great inspiration for 94 players everywhere.

One of the best to ever play the game (top 3 player of all time no question), and an electrifying personality too.

Your pass heavy offense and ridiculous manual goalie super skills will never be forgotten.

We love ya frey!

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good bye and good riddence you will not be missed in any way, shape or form......oh s**t I thought this was the Zalex retirement :) ...I enjoyed playing your froggy ass bud see ya

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It's been fun you mofape.

We never really crossed paths when either of us were at the top of our game. It is unfortunate that we missed out on some instant classics.

Good luck to you in whatever you do next.

Funny how it works out. I've never played swos in the playoffs.

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Thanks for the shout-out Freydey. Thanks for bringing your A-game to the community, and we'll see what the future holds for WTGA.

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