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Hey Guys,

Only a couple days left before I head into the editing suite. I wanted to share the few main social media platforms I'm using to help keep people in the loop. Check them out and follow along if you haven't yet!




I have been pretty low key on the promotion side for the last year. I didn't want to let to much stuff out and lose any chance at media momentum when the time is right. It today's world news only lasts minutes. But I have been toying with the idea of keeping a production vlog on youtube to keep people up to date (spoiler free of course).

Anyway if there is any sweet memes or pictures you have that I can share on these sites please share below. I'll need all the promo help I Can get!!!




oh and if anyone is interested in my day job it's now on NETFLIX www.netflix.com/watch/80118614 or search ICE PILOTS


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Thanks for the update Mikey. Always exciting to hear the latest. Let us know if theres anything we can do to help at this stage.

When it does come time for a media push, I'm hoping you can get hooked up with some of the key hockey podcasts like Puck Soup, Roenick Life Podcast, and Marek vs Wyshynski. that would be awesome!

And JK Simmons! I was thinking the same thing!

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