Fall 2016 Gens "A" Tex vs Depch (Buffalo - Dallas) - Round 1

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Had a great series vs Tex and the games were full of action from game 3 onwards. The series went to full 7 games and Tex was close to making an upset. Shout out to Tex, he showed great improvement during the season playing against A players and showed he has made the jump to A even though I doubted this myself pre-season.

Total of 70 goals were scored in the 7 games and I made a highlight of the goals scored in the games. There was so much other stuff going on that did not make this cut that I've been thinking of maybe doing a commentary on the series showing out AI agression and where you can see hot / cold and point out some mistakes.

I think more games from A needs to be shared and also in GDL playoffs. And it propably would be better if you could comment the games in nhl94online.com on game screen, add highlight videos in comments and maybe be able to upload a .krec file as the save to the game as well there for everyone to download who wants to view the game. Will add this suggestion to the site update thread, unless there already is something about it. More unification to one site the better.

Those who don't know how to use recording tool with new kaillera as it's not in as default you just need to unzip http://p2p.kaillera.ru/wip/okai_recorder.7z to your nhl94 folder and you get the option to record games like in old kaillera. If you have not recorded any games, you need to create a subfolder records under nhl94 where you put the .krec files. To view the games just open netplay in Gens and instead of 'p2p' choose 'player'. Below are the .krec files from the series, you just need to unzip them to nhl94records folder and have the plugin unzipped as well to view them.


Here is the highlight video, my first in years so the cuts and fades are a bit annoying. :]

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