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SNES Puck Dynasty - Season 4 - Who's comin back?

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1. Annatar - IN

2. Bobkudelski - IN

3. Bok - IN

4. chaos - IN

5. tylerdeanhill - IN

6. blackdevil - IN

7. xcing - IN

8. pondhcky - IN

9. c4outlaws - He's always IN.

10 jackandjose - IN

11. Fank - IN

12. FPB - (Team will be dissolved and players will hit free agency.)

13. bassist (Team will be dissolved and players will hit free agency.)

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I agree with c4 I was very late to free agency last year, also I had no idea which players were available, isn't there anyway to make available list of players, or do I have to create one :). It's like I had to check who was signed / on everyone's team

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There's a spreadsheet with all the players for the 6 years. I can put that up again and we just have to cross off the players who are on teams already (maybe I already have that from last year). Stay tuned.

I cant remember if I went one step further than that?

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Great turnout so far! I'm anxious to get this started. Like Don Cherry says... Let's goooo!

If bassist's team (formerly King of 94's team, formerly Brutus' team) is dissolved, that puts three high end UFA's on the market - Lemieux, Selanne and Fedorov. Boom!

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What is the start date? I would consider this league

i'll say a week for so to give time for guys to prepare for the bidding.

then a week for the bidding.

then a week or so to have the schedule up(depending on chaos availability)

3 weeks ish. so likely a january start

What team to you want? ottawa nationals or michigan stags?

check out season 3 tab


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Michigan was originally my team, and it's stupidly stacked because apparently you SNES guys didn't know how to run participate in a forum based auction, or how to look at the excel sheet for the player ratings in the coming years. I think Bassist might have lost a few of the players, but I remember it being still stacked.

Like Federov, Mario & Selanne w/ Richter (who turns all 100's after the '95 season) were the core group. I mean I SUCK at SNES, not just a little bit, but a LOT, and I was .500 with the team before they jumped up.

If you guys give that team to AJ, it's a long road for anyone else to come near him. You should consider having teams "protect" 2-3 players, and everyone else enters an auction.

A partial reset would be make the auction WAY more fun and also it would reset the balance for incoming coaches.

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I say we give AJ Joby Messier and he can draft the rest of his team once we're done.

For real, I guess it's a little questionable to give someone joining the obvious best team in the league. If people want to do this, that's fine too. I just want to play and I'd like AJ to be involved.

Also Brutus I was never necessarily trying to draft the 100% best team, it's all about the theming! But I do like my team.

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