Fall 2016 Gens "B" aqualizard vs JMJ (Chicago-Montreal) Round 2

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Game 1:

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Series results (JMJ presented as "Tex", did not have an account at the time of upload)
Almost the same # of SOG, but Chicago & JR was held at 11.0% shooting %


that is the lowest I have ever seen in a series!
and against JR, no less
well done!

I guess you didn't utilize J.R. enough!
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Well done, JMJ.

I tried as much as I could with JR, you just stopped him cold. He did get the most SOG out of anyone in the series (on both teams), I just couldn't solve your goaltending. I would say my team was "cold", but that can't be the case for 4 games! I just got dominated, plain and simple.

And yeah, 11% shooing % for a series is ridiiiiiiiiculous. On www.nhl94rocks.com I am pretty sure there have been no examples of a shooting % as low as the teens, nevermind 11%!

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