Was there ever a movie team ROM?

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Just thinking out loud about how silly and awesome this would be. I could've sworn I had seen a rom that featured the Charlestown Chiefs, regardless, just thinking out loud here about the teams that could be included: 

District 5 Ducks (Mighty Ducks)

District 6 Hawks (Mighty Ducks)

Team USA Ducks (D2)

Team Iceland (D2)

Eden Hall Mighty Ducks (D3)

Eden Hall Warriors (D3)

Mystery, Alaska

New York Rangers (Mystery, Alaska)

Halifax Highlanders (Goon)

St. John's Shamrocks (Goon)


I don't even know if it's possible to have that few of teams in a ROM, and beyond that, how would you discern the lines and fill out the rosters? IE: In Mighty Ducks, there's only like 8 players that stand out for the Ducks, and a handful for the Hawks. I suppose you could make up additional players. Then there's the entire assigning of stats...

I guess if extra teams were needed, you could throw on some additional teams aside from the Hero and Villain teams in Goon and Slapshot. Just thought it would be hilariously awesome, is all. 

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77 had a 93 rom that included Charlestown (14 players) and Syracuse (6 players).

It was really nicely done.

I just recently thought about making a Federal League rom when I saw that new game Old Time Hockey.

Easy to make small roms like my Original 6 or this with all of the great resources we have (NOSE, SMOZ, EARE, TM, and Hex)

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