Those of you who have played NHL ’94 on Sega Genesis know exactly what I’m talking about.  Sixteen bits of sweat inducing hockey excitement, smack talking, and staying up late on school nights trying to win Lord Stanley’s Cup one more time before passing out.

Until I started playing hockey video games, I knew next to nothing about the sport of ice hockey.  NHL ’94 taught me the meaning of “icing” and how to keep from being off-side.  It also taught me about the “One-Timer”, the ultimate maneuver in hockey. 

The one-timer occurs when a player attempts a slap shot immediately upon receiving a pass from another player.  Mastering the one-timer is the key to mastering the game.

NHL ’94 also upped the level of competition between friends to new levels by being one of the first sports games with instant replay.  There is no better way to show up one’s pitiful opponent than by watching the game winning goal over and over again from every possible angle.

Another aspect which makes NHL ’94 so great is its simplicity.  The controls are easy to learn and you can choose to play the game with or without penalties, which makes the game accessible and entertaining for all levels of gamers.

After receiving a Sega Genesis Classic Game Console as a gift this Christmas, I instantly went to my local used game store and purchased a copy of NHL ’94, rekindling the magic I ignited all those years ago.  If you haven’t played this outstanding hockey game since the early nineties, I highly recommend revisiting this gem.  If you’ve never played NHL ’94, then do yourself a favor and master the one-timer as you get forever addicted to the best video game ever made.