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Seaosn 4 Bidding


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1.I've updated your rosters and cap space --> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15OicOcmrImzsJPCpuR--qaeku2xw12qG6Lz6Km-6Reg/pub?gid=0

2.Two buds (chaos and boknows) are in cap violation and will have to drop a bud or two to get back into scope before you can start bidding.

3.I've posted the players that were released from the vacant teams so you can bid on them now.

4.Aj will start will a blank slate, butI've given AJ the extra cap space from the michigan team. Although it's possible AJ may be taking a break from online play. 

5.I won't in put the 24 hour bidding rule until this friday night at 11:59pm. Any bids that have gone 24 hours or more up to that point and the player will win the bid. I'm doing this to give me enough time to contact everyone to start bidding. Here's the link again --> http://nhl94buds.proboards.com/

6. You must send me players you want to bid on. (We are using the NHL'96 rom stats). download the zip file here  


7. gl buds. start bidding!

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12 hours ago, annatar said:

Gentlemen, I have some family business to attend to this week but I'll be able to get my team affairs in order from Thursday at the latest.

thanks for the update bud.


bok said hes in the same boat...will be back on thursday.

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As noted in my first post, friday night at 11:59pm PST, any bids that have gone 24 hours without a bid, will be closed won.

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13 hours ago, Bob Kudelski said:

As with other years, some guys currently have winning bids, but it will put them over the cap. Is this legit? Or should any bids putting you over the cap be disallowed unless you drop a player at the same time?

this is correct. I try and monitor as best as I can. players should not be over bidding on players or salary. I'll make comments when i see them but I appreciate anyone's help in pointing out inconsistencies to me.

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