Hotel Prices Near Ko94 II

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Yeah, I wouldn't reserve a non-refundable room either, but it's nice to see prices coming down a bit.

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May Prices:

On 2/2/2017 at 2:04 PM, aqualizard said:

Here are current hotel prices on May 17, 2017.  These hotels are close to the Downtown Grand, which is a bit pricey.  This is according to, for Fri and Sat Sept 29 and 30, as of today.

Note: Though they change like the stock market, at this point, most prices have gone up since early Feb:

#            Name                                                                            Price (compared to Feb)
072        Downtown Grand, an Ascend Collection Hotel       $ 145 (cheaper)   
137        Oasis at Gold Spike                                                     $  114 (same)  
104        Fremont Hotel and Casino                                         $  140 (way up)    
085        Golden Nugget Hotel                                                   $   no longer avail
110        Four Queens Hotel and Casino                                  $  99 (cheaper) 
091        The D Casino Hotel Las Vegas                                    $  130 (up)     
106        El Cortez Cabana Suites                                              $  119 (up)   
098        California Hotel & Casino                                           $  no longer avail
056        Main Street Station Hotel & Casino                           $  140 (way up)       
109        Plaza Hotel & Casino                                                   $  114 (cheaper) 

The # is the Rank out of 264 Hotels in the area (according to Trip Advisor).
The $ is USD, and amounts to nightly rate (though Fri and Sat may be different, this is average)

As the event approaches I will update this first post, and save the old prices below.

Useful Links:

1. Hotel Booking Strategy:
2. Hotels Without Resort Fee: (thanks Jack&Jose!) -- ✝ designates no Resort Fee



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Hi Guys,

Sorry this has taken much longer than I anticipated but I finally got the hotel rates. See below. They don't normally waive resort fees but they did for us this time. They've given us rates from Thursday through Sunday. (see below) The last day you can book these rates will be September 7th. I'll have a link to provide shortly so you can book.



hotel room bookings.jpeg

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Downtown Grand prices are currently in the $121/night range, for those who still haven't booked yet.



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