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Goalie Ram - How to do it right?


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I was reading "Building Lines with AJ" and I saw a recommendation to use goalie ram against a certain goalie, because his weight is only 3.

Now I seen this scoring tactic mentioned here and there but there isn't really any in-depth tutorial on how to do it?

There are videos where people ram the goalie after a deke and the puck goes in but the goalie doesn't really move by the hit.

I occasionally and accidentally manage to score with a player who just rams the goalie with the puck into the goal and sometimes even through it.

What factors affect this? Is weight bug working here? Heavy player is good against a light goalie or vice versa? Is there a certain angle? etc.

I'm playing a version with the weight bug. The normal cartridge for Genesis / Megadrive.

Any tips are welcome, thank you.

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The key to the goalie ram is a heavy player and preferably a light goalie. As the goalie makes the save, you c burst into the goalie. Perhaps the easiest way to do it is to go straight into the goalie, attempt a 5 hole pass shot, and just c BURST rapidly into the goalie. If you time it as the save is made, the goalie has little chance to move forward. Basically the momentum pushes the goalie and the puck into the net.

It is a pretty desperate move, but given the right circumstances can be effective.

If done correctly it is pretty undefensable, but that is really rare. The key to stopping its effectiveness is after the save moving away from the net so the momentum doesn't push you into it.

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All goalies get bounced around as you bump into them.  Some goalies, if they are too light, get moved much further by heavy players.

If a goalie makes a save by the post, some times you can just C check him with a fat by like Lindros & he will lose the puck into the net, seemingly off the post & in.

Another glitch in the game is if you get a penalty for goalie interference while you are scoring, the goal counts & the penalty goes away.


So similar to many of the moves were you are going in at the goalie deke'ing left & right trying to open up either side to drop the puck in to the net, another player might manually take control of the goalie & come out to knock puck off your stick/knock you down.  It is an effect manual goalie defense tactic.  

IF he's too light (& then obviously very fast), this can make the finishing deke part of the move hard to get off successfully.  By just ignoring the last part of the move, you can actually just drive into the goalie, causing a pile up that can lead to the puck ending up in the net.


Its a low percentage play but vs a fast goalie that is light & human player who is switching to manual goalie often, this can then become a useful style change.

Because some coaches manually  controll light goalies so effective in tight by basically attacking you that you end up needing a different tactic.


BUT, vs CPU, aside from practicing C checking him after he catches a shot of yours, I don't see many chances of "learning" it.  Vs human is where this one gets into the arsenal in my opinion.

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