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NHL95 has a great theme song


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And then they went and added this game to it. I'm pretty sure the song came before the game was developed. It was probably inspired by the NHL'94 theme. Because, if the game came first, the theme song probably would have been the anthem to The 3rd Reich.



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The PC Version intro & menu music kicks ass! I actually like the 96,97,98,99,00,01,02 menu themes from PC as well, each of them have several of them. Should implement them here to a single thread here. Lots of great songs by Jeff van Dyck. I actually liked them so much that I modified the more modern PC menu soundtracks to have those oldschool songs instead.


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Like a moth to a flame, I knew Segathon would be lured out of his, NHL'95-Fuhrer-bunker.

It's about time the rest of the world know the true nature of your occult, video-hockey "tournament". It's all just a front for Nazi sympathizers to have clandestine meetings.

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3 hours ago, clockwise said:

You used to be somebody I could trust.

You always can ;) But let's spread the love around. I love the series. Each game for different reasons.

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