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Netplay on linux


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I got the kailleraclient.dll and put it in the gens folder, but netplay still remains gray/blurry and i can't click on it. It seems that kaillera doesn't work on linux at all, or am i wrong? Is there something i can do to get the netplay working? Is kaillera the only option?

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You can get kaillera to work on Linux, but I think it requires some vb libraries installed on Linux for it to run properly.

You might want to check this post by wboy to get nose work where it's done.


You can find other Linux information from below.


Perhaps some Linux version run the casual gens normally but I had to use rerecording and they're 100% compatible with rerecording having some extra settings.


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Thanks. I'm kinda new on linux and didn't know about wine. Gonna dig into that next.

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I just re-installed my Linux. I was using Linux mint Cinnamon 17.x before and that required some work to get things work out even though Cinnamon should be the flagship of the Linux Mint brand. Now I'm using Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce version and I only had to install Wine + Playonlinux from the software manager and everything works like charmed. Just installed the plugins Wine prompted about when starting Gens and netplay is fine as well. Perhaps it was about the version number more than about Cinnamon vs Xfce.

Under Cinnamon 17.x I had some performance issues with my old laptop, but 18.1 Xfce is really really smooth so I don't even have to reboot to Windows anymore to play Gens. I had XP running alongside Cinnamon for Gens.

For anyone considering Linux Mint I recommend the Xfce over Cinnamon easily and especially for older computers. Cinnamon eats up quite some resources (still not as much as Windows) and I'm not missing anything from that compared to Xfce.


Confirmed that everything was cool playing JV 5 games this morning with the following settings.

#1 Linux Mint Xfce 18.1
#2 From software manager install Wine + Playonlinux
#3 Use the following guide to install Hamachi & Haguichi as a GUI https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Hamachi
#4 Install the updates Wine prompts when starting Gens

^ And netplay, record player and everything works on the go if you have the right Gens package, Kaillera etc.

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