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Hey guys,

Here is the ROM. I'll make an announcement on Discord when the league page is ready. We'll go for 6 weeks once the league page is up, which'll bring us right up to the summer time. This would be a good time to accelerate our games played early on.


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I hate to do this, but I do not believe I can continue with my commitment to this league for two reasons.  

1) I was recently roped into coaching my son's baseball team, and I honestly know very little about the sport.  My plate is pretty full at this point, and I don't see how I can schedule 40+ games in the near future.

2) The following statement is an opinion shared by my local peers, and should be taken as such.  I am not a high level player nor pretend to be.  I have been playing the variations of this rom with multiple players in our local scene, players that I would classify as a lower b to c rating for the past couple of weeks.  Routinely in standard NHL94 we see games with scores of 7+ total goals or more, scored any number of ways, slappers, one timers, dekes, rebounds, crease cuts, or random garbage.  While we recognize the enormous work put into this rom, we simply can't score reliably against one another., and it ends up not being any fun for us.  We have frequently entered overtime with no score.  Slappers are almost impossible against the goalies used in the draft, the crease cut only seems to work if the goalie decides to flop.  The defenders always seem to properly bottle things up.  In summary, it doesn't feel or play like the NHL94 we all love.

I want to extend my deepest and sincerest gratitude and apologies for everyone who helped me pick and arrange my team, and for the team that created this rom.  This is my official resignation from the league.  If anyone wishes to take control of the Blackhawks that was on the fence, I do think it's a solidly equipped team.

I am available for EXIS on Discord as always.




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