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Playoffs are setup.  Here is the break down:

In A, we had 9 coaches make the playoffs.

So, #8 Seed & #9 Seed (Tex & JJ) had a play in series to see who faced off with the #1 Seed (Raph).
After applying forfeits, there was a 3 way tie between FPB, Ice & Brutus, and after applying 2 forfeits to Zep because of not being able to play CBK, Zep moved up from the 7th seed to the 6th seed.
Given I beat Ice head to head, FBP beat me and Ice beat FPB, there was no ESTABLISHED set of rules for picking top seed.
I went with the simplest, GF/per game, which put FPB #3, Ice #4, & Brutus #5.


Over in B, it was WAY simpler.  CBK has been a non-participant for most of the season, and lagged way too far behind on his games to allow him into the playoffs.  He won't be invited back.  Nice guy, plays solid, and responds to my texts, but doesn't schedule games enough or get them in or whatever.  Not going to try to make it personal, because it's not.  He's just off the list.
That left 8 coaches, and added or not adding forfeits did not change the rankings much, so 1 through 8 was fairly locked.  No need for a play in series.

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As the ONE play in series is complete, there are currently 8 teams in A playoffs, and 8 teams in B playoffs. 

The site is live, and a playoff series can be loaded.  IF someone wants to make a playoff ROM, please post it in the PLAYOFF ROM thread I'll create.


IF IF IF you think it will take more than 1 week to schedule your series with your opponent, please REACH OUT TO ME and let me know why.  I would like to have all first wave of series done by next Sunday night latest.  Failure to respond can result in forfeits.

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The Finals for both A & B are set.


(2) Depch vs (3) FPB


(1) Skip vs (2) Pearate


I know FPB & Depch have been in contact, so hopefully, they get their series in shortly.  I'll privately message Skip & Pearate.  I would like to see both A & B done by end of this week.

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