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(2) Depch - Boston  | 5.32 GF | 3.25 GA | -300

(7) HABS - Montreal | 5.48 GF | 3.76 GA | +300 

Season Series: 3-1 BOS

These two teams met early in the season, where Montreal was struggling to get anything out of their lineup of Kamensky-Klima-Verbeek, Boston dismantled em for 3/4 games. Much has changed since then as the team is playing much better since the second half of the season. Montreal was the 2nd highest scoring team in the league while Boston ranked 4th and each team was ranked 7th and 6th respectively in GA/G. Boston's formula of speed with Hogue-Ronning-Reichel and great huge dmen Bourque-Fetisov has paid off quite well. Depch has a had a super consistent season and manages to keep all games within reach. Boston also sports the best Away record at 22-5. Prediction: Mtl in 7 or Bos in 4 :)


(3)  Flamingpavelbure - Quebec | 5.33 GF | 3.91 GA | -300

(6) zepplin - Hartford| 5.31 GF | 3.17 GA | +300 

Season Series: 3-1 QUE

FPB has had a pretty incredible season considering he has started Stephane Fiset as a point. Not sure if he's going to continue doing this into the playoffs. Quebec also boasts the best PP% in the league at 39% while Hartford sits 4th at 30.3%. Zepp has had a real solid season with a balanced and very speedy attacking unit in Bure-Turgeon-Courtnall and Leetch and Wesley on D. This much agility has given many teams issues. While Quebec boasts a more rounded lineup with Jagr as a bruising, agile playmaker, Sandstrom with the best shot in the game and Zhamnov a crafty, agile, passer. Ellet and Blake round out the lineup. FPB tends to step it up in the playoffs and I think this will be a tough matchup for Zepp despite him playing so well. Prediction: Que in 7


(4)  Brutus- Philadelphia|4.92 GF | 2.77 GA | -135

(5) IceStorm- Buffalo| 5.27 GF | 3.17 GA | +135

Season Series: 3-1 PHI

These two teams are built totally differently, this should be very interesting. Brutus has arguably one of the toughest lineups to face. A lineup that features two of the game's biggest stars in Mario and Roy. Mario has been utterly dominant this season at 3rd in league scoring while Roy was 2nd in GAA, 6th in SV%. Ice has been playing well defensively with Moog as well 3rd in GAA, 3rd in SV%. Brutus' bruising hard hitting lineup gives opponents split seconds to make decisions and makes it difficult to get through to the net.  Brutus and Ice were #2 and #3 ranked in GA/G. This should feature a nice and dirty low scoring series. Brutus is having a career year, let's see how far he can take it. Prediction Phi in 7.


(1) KingRaph-New Jersey

(8)TexasPachyderm-NY Islanders (Won 4-2)

Well this one is done before I could say anything. Huge upset. Tex has been rolling lately and it is nice to see an 8th seed take out #1, cudos to Tex.


For the PATRICK division hoping somebody in that division can help write up as I won't have the same perspective as you guys and haven't played as many games vs that side.

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1 hour ago, HABS said:

(1) KingRaph-New Jersey
(8)TexasPachyderm-NY Islanders (Won 4-2)

Well this one is done before I could say anything. Huge upset. Tex has been rolling lately and it is nice to see an 8th seed take out #1, cudos to Tex.

Wh-wh-what?  Holy crap!!  Nice one, Tex!

Well HABS, what odds would you have given?  I would have given 10 to 1 to Raph, especially cuz he won all 4 regulars, and one was 11-0!

What an upset!! Congrats, Tex!   (Now I don't feel so bad losing 19 of the last 20 exis against him..) :)

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Philly in 7 it is.


Great call Habs.  Great series Ice.

Started out with Flyers winning the first 3 games, all tight.  After a desynch at the end of Game 3, and a minor break, the TIDE turned.  Ice definitely outplayed me in Game 4 & 5.  Ice clearly had a gut check and said, "No sweep, F-Brutus, I'm coming back."  I felt that mid-way through Game 5, and game 6, despite losing them, I had made the adjustment to a few of Ice's tactical adjustments, and was in a good position to win Game 7, despite having lost 3 in a row.  I figured odds were in my favor for some good bounces after missing most of them in Game 6.  It's NHL94 and there are breaks in the puck bounces, and I felt I was due some of them come Game 7, and felt we were playing even, so I had myself as favored for that game in my mind.

Game 1 & Game 6 were the two best games of this series.  It was ZERO to ZERO heading into the 3rd period of Game 1.  Game 6 featured a 3-1 lead by Ice late that ALMOST disappeared if not for some great saves by Ice, but the entire game was just one of those intense battles.

Which of course lead to everyone's favorite playoff thing, a Game 7, and it was intense.
Ice takes the early lead, 1-0, and after coming back from down 3-0 in the series, HE HAS to be feeling so confident in that moment. 
I tell myself, "You are playing really good hockey.  There is no need to panic.  You will get your chances.  He's not winning 4 straight. I'm winning this game."
2nd period ends 4-3, with Ice up and me having to have staved off the game's first power play.
3rd period starts with another penalty for Philly, but instead of folding under the pressure, down a goal, lost 3 straight, MARIO MARIO MARIO delivers the shorthanded goal to tie it up.  30 seconds later, Mario adds an even strength goal to give Philly their first lead since 1st period of Game 6, long stretch.
Another penalty late for Philly by Kjell turns this ending into a nail biter.  After stopping Ice's power play rush, Probert grabs a rare goal.
Down 2 goals with less than a minute left, Ice doesn't fold.  He pumps the adrenaline button, scores with Makarov and puts one final rush on the net only to be denied by Mr. Roy.

Turns out I was right, as I felt I got the puck bounces in Game 7 to end up with the win.  I felt if we played all night, we'd end up somewhere near 10 games a piece.

GGS Ice.


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