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So what controller do you use? Not just the stars, but anyone? (I just liked that title.) Tell me and I will add it to the list...

 Name   Controller   Notes 
 Kingraph   MK-1653 *  - 
 Icestorm   MK-1653   - 
 AngryJay   Sega Saturn  (used to use keyboard) 
 Uncle Seth   MK-1653   - 
 Sebe   MK-1653   (inactive) 
 smozoma   MK-1653   (used to use Logitech P880) 
 jer_33   MK-1653   (used to use Hori FC4) 
 Darko   MK-1653   -
 brutus   iBuffalo   - 
 aqualizard   iBuffalo   - 
 atomicraven   iBuffalo   - 
 Zepp   iBuffalo   - 
 FPB   Keyboard   - 
 Depch   Keyboard   - 
 HABS   Keyboard   - 
 Plabax   Keyboard   (inactive) 
 Zalex   Keyboard  (inactive)
 Freydey   Keyboard  (inactive)
 swos   Keyboard  (inactive)
 JackVandal   Keyboard   - 
 Carse   MK-1650 +  (inactive)
 BoKnows   MK-1650  (inactive)
 VC    MK-1650  (inactive)
 KGMan    MK-1650  (inactive) 
 Jack&Jose    MK-1650  - 
 Tex   Logitech F310  - 
 TomKabs93   afterglow ps3 controller   (inactive) 
 Clockwise   Sega Saturn   - 
 pearate   Xbox 360   - 

If I guessed and got it wrong, let me know. :)

*  MK-1653 is the small, original 6-button Genesis one
+  MK-1650 is the large, original 3-button Genesis one

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Used a Hori FC4 in Classic this year, but switched back to the MK-1653 for ETB and VHL4.


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This is from Kingraph, combined from IM, which I will incoroprate later today...

aj and seth...
Both used the mk-1653 at Toronto
AJ used to be keyboard, but back on controller
Sebe also 1653, he is where I learned from.
For your list, Zalex, Freydey, swos were all keyboard
Carse was Genesis controller, but not sure exact model
Same with BoKnows, VC and KGman
Clockwise used the rare Sega Saturn controller

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I am using a basic Microsoft keyboard at the moment with USB connection to my laptop. Probably a cost of 10$. No adjusted USB polling rates to registry.

In 2000's while playing Quake etc. I've played the game also with adjusted polling rates and they can make a tiny difference. Aka negate the effects on low agility a bit. I think I had that with my last keyboard 2014 in Ducky Shine 4 mechanical keyboard, probably the best keyboard I've ever used for gaming.

Clearly as I'm not using that now I can say that lag compensation has much more effect playing online in NHL94. Changing polling rates in registry is common in other games to get away from the Windows default limitations and the benefits of that are not restricted to keyboard but to all usb devices like gamepads. That might seem cheat like for players who have no history from competitive online gaming environments, but there is the clash. It is not so in competitive environments, more like endorsed. This is the future topic of NHL94 online gaming, where to go. What is allowed. To take competitive route or stay casual. I'm sure there have been players who have used some/all of these to their advantage, but to keep the game interesting and even leveled to everyone it needs to be known for all.

Old era, Plabax era as the renaissance era and new era where all this is defined and playground is even?-)

Overall keyboard vs gamepad conversation is that:

-Butter fingers make less mistakes with keyboard, but good and precise fingers are as good with both.
-For me smooth deking is harder with keyboard and my skating looks "bulky", so that is harder for me to perform on keyboard than gamepad.
-There is a theoretical tiny advantage to keyboard in direct left - right without going diagonal, but the difference is so tiny that it hardly plays any part in the game.
-Because of the above in theory keyboard is better for gimmicks and gamepad for skating, that is my take.

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You can add me if you will,  I used a Logitech gamepad in the past, but the quality is not so good, after one year you need to change. When the pad is new the feeling is close to the original gens pad.

I have a Saturn pad too, but I think It's not an original, a simple copy made by the asian market. So I don't use it, the cross don't response so well.

Actually I use a xbox360 gamepad.  It do the job. 

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Depch, thanks for all your details!  I am a stickler for details.  I am pretty sure FPB does use some sort of mechanical gaming keyboard, but I will wait and see if he gives more info... I know Plabax used to use a lag switch, but I am not sure if it was keyboard mounted or not? ;)

Pearate, thanks for letting us know.  I want to know what everyone uses, not just the A guys; I just named this thread "Controllers of the Stars" for fun.  Also, I like that you use an unusual controller; at least unusual for this community.  Let's get every possible example out there, and then newcomers will have more options to choose from, and Vets can consider changing.

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MK-1653, and PS3 controller, switch back, and forth, mostly MK-1653 of late.

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On May 2, 2017 at 1:37 AM, Premium said:

I can use both. I don't play anymore so maybe I shouldn't be on the list.

you're obviously immortalized, stop being modest lulz

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6 hours ago, Mr. Derp said:

Can you play in either Gen or SNES no matter what type of gamepad you have?

Online you can use whatever gamepad will work with your computer and retroarch. You do not need a separate controller for each console.


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1 hour ago, angryjay93 said:

Online you can use whatever gamepad will work with your computer and retroarch. You do not need a separate controller for each console.


In that case, why are there separate Gen and SNES leagues? 

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3 hours ago, Mr. Derp said:

In that case, why are there separate Gen and SNES leagues? 

They were like two warring tribes of isolated peoples, untouched by the civilized world, at one point in history. 

Visually the games are similar, but there are some pretty big differences in sprites and menus. Some differences in game play as well.

If you have the latest version of Retroarch from this site, you should be able to load the SNES core and the original rom file to see for yourself.

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