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First Round Calibre Players (Weight Bug)

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Having read this trifle of a thread, I agree with FPB. I don't see how Gartner can be ranked so highly by Plabax and have Modano so much lower. IMO his modano rating is fine but Gartner is way too high. It seems to me Plabax prefers righties to the point that he minimizes Bure's greatness. 

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Right-handed players are better at moving, there is no doubt about it. Gartner is smoother, has access to more precise deking, and has a better shot than Modano and arguably Bure.

The gap between Gartner and Modano is much wider than the gap between Gartner and Klima, so why are you so concerned with Modano? It's clear as day that Klima and Gartner are levels above Modano.

And, to be extremely great, speed can't be higher than agility. Bure suffers from this problem. 

Maybe Bure is better for those who are constantly turning around and skating back to their blue line in hopes of cheesing the game. That would make sense because he's faster.


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On 5/4/2017 at 0:14 AM, The Russian Rocket said:

4/5 is not an elite shot.  4/6, 5/5, 5/4 and 6/3 are elite shots. JR is a better C checker and his 5 SHP is much more precious than the 6-5 agi drop vs elite GC players. 

As for TK, well he got that 99 locked speed. 

Mogs is just better than Yzerman and at 6 agi the 1 extra weight doesnt mean much. 

Does the 5/4 shot exist?

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