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Do You Play Poker? And going to Ko94 2?

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My biggest hobby for the last while has been NHL 94.  But, I also play NL Texas Holdem.  I want to go to Vegas and play in the NHL 94 tourney, and then hit the poker tables!  I have only played live in a couple Niagara Falls casinos before, and have never even been to Vegas.

I play online poker in spurts, on Pokerstars.  I may go 2 months without playing, then play 5 nights in a row.  I am nothing special, and tend to lose, but I enjoy playing.

Are there other poker players, or gamblers of any sort, that are going?

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I play poker and will be there.  My issue though is that they become marathon sessions...can easily kill a day playing poker!  I'll be around though.  And 100% planning on hitting the sportsbooks on Sunday to bet on NFL!

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Playing poker at a casino is rough.  You have to do everything by the books and if you don't do things the way they like it, people get pissed off at you, esp if you end up winning that hand.  Also like raph said, it takes FOREVER.

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Geeze guys, "kill a day", "playng on a timer", "takes FOREVER"?  Sure, it isn't the same thing as multi-tabling online, and seeing hundreds of hands an hour, but it also is playing poker live, in Vegas, with real people!!  It is part of the real Vegas experience!

Man, I have encountered some real characters in Niagara Falls at the poker tables.  Crazy, interesting, funny people.  I imagine this will be 10x moreso in LV.  I mean, it's Vegas, baby!  Also, online I have played thousands (tens of thousands!) of hands.  I have had quads many times, and a straight flush at least twice.  None of these hands or winnings are as exciting as winning about $600 with 2 pair against two other guys chasing flushes at Casino Niagara.  My adrenaline shot through the roof, like never before.  And then to have all of those chips pushed across the tables to me, and having to spend the next 5 minutes stacking them. (Mostly $1 and $5 chips.)  To me it felt like winning $60k!! 

Anyway, online I remember the hands I won and lost. In person, you remember the characters you run into.  No doubt the casinos in Las Vegas will be crawling with interesting characters.

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